H. P. Lovecraft Bronze Bust Project

The H.P. Lovecraft Bronze Bust Project will erect a life size tribute to the iconic author in his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island in August 2013. The Kickstarter page will launch on May 1st. Our mission is to preserve the literary legacy of weird fiction author Howard Philips Lovecraft via the installation of a life size bronze bust in his home town of Providence, Rhode Island. Like us on Facebook for more info: https://www.facebook.com/LovecraftBronzeBustProject
Weigh in, folks. Are Herbert West’s “legions of the undead” actually zombies?

Weigh in, folks. Are Herbert West’s “legions of the undead” actually zombies?

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  2. miskatonicmayhem answered: They’re dead that come back to life so yes, but I consider it more of a science-gone-wrong film than a zombie flick
  3. chrissysky answered: First movie yes, technically. Second movie might fall more under mad scientific creations?
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    I’d have to say yes, but they’re almost like Pet Semetary zombies. Where when they bite you it just hurts a lot.
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    "How dare you reduce my life’s work to something as low as your made-for-t.v.-movie media trash! I cure death! I can...
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